samedi 23 février 2013

Hotel de Provence ** in Tarascon

Easy to find, the Hotel de Provence is a good address. Managed by Mr Rich and his wife this 11 rooms hotels give you more a feeling of beeing in a private home. The rooms are carefully looked after and Mr & Mrs Rich make sure to improve the quality of the hotel (A/C, window frame, new LED television etc) every year. The overall sensation is sweet and gentle. Rooms are reasonnably sized and rates start as from 71€ for a double. Double room with a (shared) terrasse cost 87€ and the Suite where you can add an extra bed in the Salon in at 107€.

The Castle, the musee Souleïado, the old city are just at hand (link for more info)

And so is the newly star Michelin starrred restaurant (as of Feb 18th 2013)  MEO where you can have a michelin star menu at a reasonnable price (last year Lunch set menu were at 27 & 35 €, dinner at 45€).....

Hotel de Provence **
7 bld Victore Hugo
1315 Tarascon
Tel +33 (0)4 90 91 06 43

Hotel de Provence on February 21st 2013
Tarascon is renovating its street....

 The salon adjoining the Breakfast room

A Standard room with Terrasse

A standard room at 71€

The Suite (room 7)
The Salon, the terrasse and the bathroom

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  1. Merci. Ravi de lire ce commentaire car je me considère très mauvais photographe et utilise le plus souvent (comme cette fois) mon téléphone. Le but étant de restituer la réalité. En tous cas, "much appreciated".... Philippe